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Driftwood Ramblers is active and is currently having shows around the Mid-south (we have been playing a lot at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale St), so follow us on Facebook to get updates on the latest shows and merchandise!.

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Driftwood Ramblers are a four piece band from Memphis Tennessee.
They play original songs that span the genres of Blues, Punk, Funk, and Rock.
Driftwood Ramblers seem to deconstruct these genres and reconstruct them into
a free-form genre that has reached a wide range of music fans, young and old.
They have been told that they are a “breath of fresh air” more than once.

They have released their first of a two-part EP entitled
Driftwood Ramblers: Surviving The Flood, Part 1.
Driftwood Ramblers: Surviving The Flood, Part 2 will be coming out at a later date.

Driftwood Ramblers consists of Shea Snow (Harmonica, Lead Vocals), Brian Costner (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Chris Butler (Bass), and Josh Sparks (Drums).
They formed in midtown Memphis through friend connections and the love of music.

Shea, living in Memphis since 1990, started forming Driftwood Ramblers in 2010 but took a small break from 2011 to 2013 to complete a two year masters program.
He also has a passion for the visual arts and has his BFA (Digital Design) and MFA (Studio Arts) from Memphis College of Art. He has been playing harmonica and singing for over 20 years. He was selected to play the up-and-comers stage at the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Ark., and has played numerous clubs and festivals around the Memphis area, including on the legendary Beale St.

Brian grew up playing music from the age of 6 adding the guitar at age 12. He was influenced by all kinds of music—rock, pop, classical, country—but he found the blues after tracing back the roots of classic rock guitarists and the early rock ‘n roll sound. Since 2002, Brian has been living in Memphis and has played in numerous bands, joining the Driftwood Ramblers in the winter of 2013.

Chris, a native of North Carolina, has been playing bass since the age of 13. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music performance, and has lived in Memphis and played with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra since 2007. He joined Driftwood Ramblers in the Fall of 2015.

Josh Sparks began playing drums in the high school drum line. Mr. Jahleel Eli, his drum line instructor, always stressed the importance of versatility. He has played in bands ranging from progressive, punk, ska, metal, and blues. He joined Driftwood Ramblers in the spring of 2014.

Please check out their first EP Driftwood Ramblers: Surviving The Flood, Part 1 it was recorded with the thought of capturing some of the energy of a live show, keeping a real feel to the tracks and not over producing them, thus leaving them room to breathe. Their longtime friend Justin Rimer (Breaking Point, 12 Stones) expertly engineered the EP at CrossTrax Studio with this in mind. Mastering was done by L-Nix Mastering. Thank you for taking the time to read their bio and listen to the tunes.